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Password Less Authentication NetApp (Usefull for Scripting)

                                              Creating Password less Authentication from Linux to NetApp Filer
HOME  Login to Linux/Centos server from where you want to schedule a scripts in order monitor NetApp Filer.

After Login to the Server run the below command


it will generate the rsa key.

Note: Do not provide any passphrase while generating the rsa key

#cat .ssh/

copy the content of above mentioned file using cat command.

Then access the NetApp $ETC CIFS Share from your machine.

open NetApp filer ETC directory.

Note: in order to access ETC$ CIFS share you have to have Administrator rights to NetApp filer.

Then open the \\\ETC$\sshd\root\

If you did not find the sshd path ensure that your sshd service is running under filer

Under \ETC\sshd\root\ Directory create 'ssh' directory.

then Login to the NetApp Filer

Enter into Advanced mode, as shown in below

Filer> priv set advanced
Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use
         them only when directed to do so by NetApp
Filer*> mv /etc/sshd/root/ssh /etc/sshd/root/.ssh
Filer*> priv set

Create flat file (Without file extension)  rename that file to 'authorized_keys'

then copy the file content paste in authorized_keys file.

Now Try to ssh NetApp Filer it will not ask for password.