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Netapp Hardware Interview Questions and Answers - Netapp Notes by ARK

* Netapp Hardware Interview questions and answers *

1. What is NVRAM..?
Ans:- Non-volatile battery-backed memory (NVRAM) is used for write caching.

2. Do you know how data is written to the disk in Netapp.? Please explain..?
Ans:- As soon as the write to NVRAM is confirmed, the storage appliance acknowledges the write as completed to the client machine. At pre-determined triggers, this buffered write data is processed from storage device memory through the Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) and RAID layers and written to disk.

3. What is SP/RLM/BMC..?
SP - Service processor
 SP monitors the system temperatures, voltages, currents, and fan speeds. When an environmental sensor has reached an abnormal condition, the SP logs the abnormal readings, notifies Data ONTAP of the issue, and sends alerts and 'down system' notifications as necessary through an AutoSupport message, regardless of whether the storage system can send AutoSupport messages

RLM - Remote LAN Module
The RLM provides remote node management capabilities, including remote access, monitoring, troubleshooting, logging, and alerting features

BMC -  Baseboard management console
The AutoSupport settings are used for sending the alerts through e-mail over the BMC LAN interface.

4. What is difference between FAS and V-Series..?
FAS - Fibre attached Storage
V-Series - Virtualized  Series 

FAS is used in Single node and HA pair configuration
V-Series is used when want to virtualize with third party Storage system

5. What is difference between 7-mode and C-mode..?
7-mode either single node Or two controllers clustered for HA. Single node will support for single namespace. One controller will work as a single node. 

C-mode either single controller "pair" Or multi controller "pairs" connected as a clustered. Each VServer will work as a single entity. It will support for multi namespaces 

 6. What is the maximum capacity of volume in 7-mode 32bit..?
Ans:- 16TB

7. How many disk types can Netapp support..?
Ans:-   FC, SAS, SSD, Near Line SAS and SATA

8. How to check your Netapp serial number..?
Ans:- sysconfig -a

9. how to determine that FC port is working an which mode..?
Ans:- using fcadmin command we can verify

10. How to verify whether all the disk shelfs for connected in redundant..?
Ans:- sysconfig -d and storage show disk  

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  1. 1- What is different between QSM and VSM ?
    2- How many LUN can be created in Cluser Mode Data ontap ?
    3- Difference in 32 bit aggregate and 64 bit aggregate ?
    4- Describe iSCSI and FC ?


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