Wednesday, August 12, 2015


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7. User Administration

8. About DAS, SAN, NAS and Unified Storage

9. Netapp Downloads

10. Simple Script to Monitor volumes and Aggregates

11. Write Netapp Exam

12. Brocade SAN Switch Zoning 

13.Netapp Interview Questions and Answers 

14. NFS Problems Troubleshooting 

15. Netapp Snapmirror Configuration from Scratch  

16. Create Flexclone and spit to create clone of your Volume 

17. Snapmirror to Tape ( SMTAPE ) 

18. What is consistency...? 

19. How to Replace Failed Disk 

20. Thin Provisioning and Thick Provisioning 

21.Snapmirror switchover 

22. Copy LUN from One Volume another Volume 

23. Snapmirror Cascading A > B > C 

24. Create, Clone, Rename, map, unmap, offline and online LUN 

 25. snapmirror error "Idle with restart checkpoint" Resolved

26. What is aggregate and How to create aggregate (CLI & GUI) 

27. Make Netapp filer as FTP Server (Enable FTP) 

28. Interview Questions and Answers Part-2 

29. Data ONTAP 8 Cabling - Single Node 

30. Know Storage Limits 

31. Netapp Hardware Interview Questions and Answers 

32. Configuring first Netapp ClusterNode - C Mode 

33. Cluster Mode Basic Commands - Netapp 

34. How to Joing Netapp Filer to Domain - Active Directory 

35. Could not complete giveback because of Non-CA Locks on Volume  

36. Netapp Exam practice paper 

37. Netapp cluster mode commands cheat sheet 

38. Netapp Hardware Basics - Video 

39. Data Networks cundamentals - Video

40. Storage Virtualization - Video

41. Exciting New Storage Technologies - Video

42. DAS vs NAS vs SAN - Video

43. Introduction to Data Storage - Video

44. Cloud Fundamentals - NCSA - Video

45. Netap SnapDrive Installation in windows 

46. Scared of Cloud - Video

 47. Introduction to Flash Storage - Video

48. Flash Storage Components and Performance - Video

    If your looking for any particular topic, Please send us the request by commenting, so that we will post.


  1. If your looking for any particular topic, Please send us the request by commenting, so that we will post.

  2. Posts are very good..Thanks for sharring..
    Please post CIFS problems and troubleshooting


  3. Sir please provide configuration of mail server and iscsi...

  4. Can you please expalin abut thin thin provision.If we have vol of 100 tb and lun 200 .If luns fills 100 tb what happen to lun and vol

  5. Please let me know how to move a volume or qtree from one aggr to another aggr.

  6. Can you please update the same for Clustered Data Ontap systems PLEASE ?

  7. HI RAvi,

    Can you kindly share cifs scenario based interview questions.
    Every time in every interview people are posting questions on cifs based on scenario.


  8. hi Ranjith,

    IN 7mode you can directly use vol move command
    vol move vol_name (destination)aggrname

  9. HI Ravi,

    Can you kindly share few cifs scenario based interview questions.

    eg: users were able to access cifs share till yesterday, but from today no one is able to access what might be the reason. NFS users are able to access the same.


  10. kindly share how to trouble shoot cifs,nfs,lun performace issues

  11. Sir,please explain about RPO and RTO

  12. Kindly share details about modify quota for single/individual user.

  13. Hi sir can u share solaris 10 tutorials

  14. Really great knowledge sharing.. Appreciate for all your efforts. This will help many people to improve their knowledge.

    I have request, every time I get confused with PLEX concept in NetApp.
    Please explain with good examples.


  15. Hi sir,

    Please explain snap vault concepts from scratch.

  16. Hi Ravi,

    Please explain concepts of snap vault from scratch.

  17. sir please update cifs setup configuration (7 mode )