Monday, January 28, 2019

How To Collect NDMP Logs from Netapp Cluster mode

Using this simple method you can collect Netapp NDMP Logs and troubleshoot NDMP issues on Netapp

Check the Node scoped mode is enabled

::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode status
NDMP node-scope-mode is disabled.

if the status is disabled then enable by running below command

 ::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode on
NDMP node-scope-mode is enabled.

Check the status whether it is enabled

::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode status
NDMP node-scope-mode is enabled.

Disable node-scoped NDMP debug mode using command below
 ::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode off
NDMP node-scope-mode is disabled.

If you like to collect the NDMP logs on vserver level then enable debugging on vserver level first using below commands

Check which Vserver is enabled for NDMP service

::> vserver services ndmp show
::> vserver services ndmp status

::> set diag

Warning: These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp personnel only.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

Now enable debug mode on vserver using below command

::*> vserver services ndmp modify -vserver ARKIT-NA -debug-filter normal -debug-enable true

Disable NDMP Debug mode using command below

::*> vserver services ndmp modify -vserver ARKIT-NA -debug-filter normal -debug-enable false 

Now download ndmp logs from SPI by default spi is enabled for C-Mode 8.2 or earlier versions

Go to browser and login to SPI


 Go to /etc/logs/mlog and download ndmpd.log*

That's how you can collect NDMP Debug logs for troubleshooting Netapp NDMP issues.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

How To Shutdown Netapp Cluster Gracefully

Shutdown Netapp Cluster Gracefully 

1. Go to Advanced mode and run configuration Backup
2. Identify Primary and Secondary Nodes
3. Stop Vservers
4. Disable Failover Or HA
5. Initiate Node shutdown one by one

ARK-NA::> set advanced

##### Repeat for All nodes ####
 ARK-NA::> system configuration backup create -node ARK-NA01 -backup-type cluster -backup-name BACKUP_BEFORE_SHUTDOWN_NODE1 

ARK-NA::*> system configuration backup show
Node       Backup Name                               Time               Size
---------  -----------------------------------------

ARK-NA01   ARK-NA.8hour.2018-10-25.10_15_00.7z       10/25 10:15:00     81.52MB
ARK-NA01   ARK-NA.8hour.2018-10-25.18_15_00.7z       10/25 18:15:00     86.11MB
ARK-NA01   ARK-NA.8hour.2018-10-26.02_15_00.7z       10/26 02:15:00     86.85MB

Check Primary and Secondary node details and shutdown secondary nodes first

ARK-NA::> cluster ring show

Repeat All the Vservers

ARK-NA::> vserver stop -vserver VSERVER-NAME 

Disable Failover after first start

ARK-NA::> storage failover modify -node * enabled false

Login to each node and run this command

ARK-NA::> halt -node ARK-NA01 -inhibit-takeover true -ignore-quorum-warnings true -reason "Maintainance Activity Planned"


ARK-NA::> system node halt -node ARK-NA01 -inhibit-takeover true -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -reason Shutdown

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Data ONTAP API Failed :Loop detected in next() for table compliance_status.

I see an error when adding licenses to Netapp Cluster mode simulator as mentioned below.

"Data ONTAP API Failed :Loop detected in next() for table compliance_status. Next on "NFS 1-81-0000000000000004082368511" returned "NFS 1-81-0000000000000004082368511". (Error: 13001)"

To resolve above issue you have to do below steps on second cluster node.

When you see an VLOADER> prompt type below command

VLOADER> setenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM 4032368-50-8
VLOADER> setenv bootarg.nvram.sysid 4032368508

Verify that the information was saved correctly or not

VLOADER> printenv bootarg.nvram.sysid

clean configuration and re-configure the second node.

That's it. Enjoy practicing Netapp Storage Lab.