Brocade SAN Switch Zoning

What is SAN Zoning..?

    SAN zoning is a method of arranging Fibre Channel devices into logical groups over the physical configuration of the fabric.

    SAN zoning may be utilized to implement compartmentalization of data for security purposes.

Each device in a SAN may be placed into multiple zones.

    Before doing the zoning using the GUI mode we have to connect the servers using the FC cables. From SAN Switch port to Server HBA port.


Login into the SAN Switch using any browser

Note: Your system should installed with JRE package to get the SAN Switch console


Click on Ok

You will able to see the SAN Switch Status

Click on Zone Admin

  If you have connected the Device in SAN Switch port Number 2, you will see the WWN Numbers in that port number.

Create new alias using that WWN Number



Click on OK
Now New Alias for New server has been created.

Best Practice: Always Create a Alias name as server name

Now click on zone tab



Click on OK

Zone name should be clear to identify

   After successfully creating of zone, Select the created zone name then add both server and Storage alias to it

 Now Click on Zone Config tab


Add the New zone (NEW_RDB_DS4700) into existing zone config members 

Click on Save Cofig 

It will ask you for the confirmation Click on Yes

Then Enable the Zoning Configuration by Clicking on Enable Config


Then it will ask you for the confirmation do you real want to enable this zone config Click on Yes

Click on logs to verify wheather your zoning successful Or not

Note: Please be careful when adding the zone into the zone configuration. If anything is going wrong the entire Zone will be affected.

Enjoy ............. Waiting for your Comments


  1. Where should we check the logs? is it from switch side? from console?

  2. you can check using web console as well as from CLI using ssh connection

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  4. Good Explanation with images for newbies. Keep it up.

  5. Hi Ravi,

    Thank you so much for well understanding Blog, i really loved it. if you write blogs on LSF Administration step-by-step it would be very helpful for LSF users and Learners.


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