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How to Create LUN and Map to the Windows Machine NetApp


1. Check the Aggregate free Space is Available?
2. Check the Free space in volume ?
3. Create LUN
4. Create igroup with iSCSI Initiator name
5. Mapping LUN to windows machine

CtrlInMDC> df -Ah
Aggregate                total       used      avail capacity
aggr0                    900MB      856MB       43MB      95%
aggr0/.snapshot            0TB        0TB        0TB       0%
AggrRavi                1800MB       70MB     1729MB       4%
AggrRavi/.snapshot         0TB        0TB        0TB       0%
Here in the above we have 1729MB of Free space in Aggregate "AggrRavi". If free space is not available we have add one or more disks to this aggregate.

CtrlInMDC> aggr add AggrRavi -d v5.21
Thu Jun  5 02:50:16 GMT [CtrlInMDC:raid.vol.disk.add.done:notice]: Addition of Disk /AggrRavi/plex0/rg0/v5.21 Shelf ? Bay ? [NETAPP   VD-1000MB-FZ-520 0042] S/N [52241605] to aggregate AggrRavi has completed successfully

Addition of 1 disk to the aggregate has completed.

Command Syntax:
  aggr add <AggregateName> -d <DiskName>
I have added the one Disk to the existing Aggregate (I has spare disks).

CtrlInMDC> df -Ah AggrRavi
Aggregate                total       used      avail capacity
AggrRavi                2700MB       70MB     2629MB       3%
AggrRavi/.snapshot         0TB        0TB        0TB       0%

Space of Aggregate is increased.


CtrlInMDC> df -h
Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on
/vol/vol0/               808MB      220MB      588MB      27%  /vol/vol0/
/vol/vol0/.snapshot       42MB       77MB        0MB     183%  /vol/vol0/.snapshot
/vol/volume1/             70MB      528KB       69MB       1%  /vol/volume1/
/vol/volume1/.snapshot        0KB      392KB        0KB       0%  /vol/volume1/.snapshot

Here we are able to see in Volume "volume1" we have 69MB of free Space. If there is no free space is available in the Volume then increase the volume space.
CtrlInMDC> vol size volume1 +50M
vol size: Flexible volume 'volume1' size set to 120m.

CtrlInMDC> Thu Jun  5 02:55:35 GMT [CtrlInMDC:wafl.spacemgmnt.policyChg:info]: The space management policy for volume volume1 has changed: autosize volume growth increment 6144KB, autosize volume maximum size 147456KB.
Command Syntax: vol size <VolumeName> +[size][K/M/G]
increased 50MB of volume space. 


CtrlInMDC> lun create -s 40M -t windows /vol/volume1/Lun1
lun create: created a LUN of size:   47.1m (49351680)

Command Syntax: lun create -s <size> -t <type of OS> <Lun Path>
Created Lun of 40MB from volume "volume1".


CtrlInMDC> igroup create -i -t windows TSTGRP

CtrlInMDC> igroup show TSTGRP
    TSTGRP (iSCSI) (ostype: windows): (not logged in)
Command Syntax: igroup create -i -t <OS type> <iGroup Name> <InitiatorName>
Created igroup, using iscsi initiator Name.


CtrlInMDC> lun map /vol/volume1/Lun1 TSTGRP
CtrlInMDC> Thu Jun  5 03:06:58 GMT []: LUN /vol/volume1/Lun1 was mapped to initiator group TSTGRP=0
Command Syntax: lun map <LUN Path> <iGroup Name>

Mapped the Lun to the windows Machine using iscsi protocol. 
Now check in Host Scan for New Hard Disk.


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