Thursday, September 17, 2015

Configuring Netapp Cluster Node - Netapp Notes by ARK

Yet your home using an Netapp Simulator you can build your own Netapp environment to practice as a live environment. 

in order to build Netapp lab environment Download Simulator .

Booting the DataONTAP Simulator 1st Node

Open the simulator vSphere client console, press Ctrl-C for the Boot Menu when displayed on the screen.

 Once the boot menu is loaded, select  Opt 4 ” Clean configuration and initialize all disks.”

At the zero disk, reset config and install a new file system prompt, type “yes” or “y” and press Enter.  Confirm the selection and press enter. 

The simulator VM restarts and will continue the initialization process.

Do not interrupt this process as it might result in corruption of the simulator disks.
Creating the Cluster

At the “Welcome to the cluster setup wizard” screen you will be prompted to create or join a cluster.  Since this is the first node in the cluster type create and press enter.

When prompted “Do you intend for this node to be used as a single node cluster”, continue with the default no and press enter.

Allow the cluster network to use network switches and press enter. 

When creating the cluster interfaces (e0a & e0b) you have the option of keeping the system defaults or changing the network defaults during the cluster configuration.

Once the cluster interfaces are created, enter the name of your cluster & license key(s). 

Create a cluster admin password.

Enter the required network information for the cluster management interface

Enter the required network information for the node management interface

Cluster creation is now complete


To validate your cluster setup via CLI, log in and run “cluster show.” 

Stay tune for Next steps, How we can add other node to the cluster.

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