Sunday, September 20, 2015

Could Not Complete Giveback Because of Non-CA Locks on Volume – Netapp C Mode

Error: Could Not Complete Giveback Because of Non-CA Locks on Volume

I came across this error (Could Not Complete Giveback Because of Non-Ca Locks on Volume) during a failover and give back on a HA pair. Performing the manual failover was fine and all aggregates failed over correctly, however on the failback the root volumes were successful but some SFO aggregates contained an error.

First up I saw the basic error during a giveback using the command:

ArkClus::> storage failover show

I then went to look into the logs by typing:

ArkClus::> log show (the newest logs are always at the top of the list)

These are the exact messages from the log:

5/28/2015 21:47:21  NODE1        ERROR         sfo.giveback.failed: Giveback of aggregate aggr1 failed due to Giveback was vetoed..

5/28/2015 21:47:21  NODE1        ERROR         sfo.sendhome.subsystemAbort: The giveback operation of ‘aggr1’ was aborted by ‘lock_manager’.

5/28/2015 21:47:21  NODE1        ERROR Could not complete giveback because of non-CA locks on volume volume1@vserver:2345673-5898-11e3-83fb-123478563412.

The volume named volume1 appeared to have a locked cifs session and was preventing the aggregate to failback.
Non-CA Locks on Volume Fix

There are 3 options to fix this:

  •     Wait and then try to perform the give back again
  •     Disable cifs on the vserver to remove the lock
  •     Use the option -override-vetoes true. Take not that using this option might drop the cifs sessions momentarily until the aggregate has failed back. 

The full command would be:

ArkClus::> failover giveback -ofnode node1 -orverride-vetoes true
Monitor the giveback with the command:

ArkClus::> storage failover giveback

Once the failback is successful, lastly check that the cluster ring is all in sync:

ArkClus::> set diag

ArkClus::*> cluster ring show

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