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Data ONTAP 8 Cabling - Single Node - HA Pair and Cluster Interconnect - Netapp Notes by ARK

In this article i am going to explain about the Netapp Storage Hardware single Node, HA Nodes and Cluster interconnect connectivity.
Netapp Hardware

1. SAS Ports:   

On board serial attached SCSI ports used to connect SAS Disk shelves. 0a and 0b port numbers

2. 10G Ports / FC Ports

These ports are used connect partner controller.
FC ports are used to connect FC disk shelves  

3. Ethernet 1G Data ports

These ports are used connect general data connectivity

 4. Ethernet Management Port / ACP Port

This port is used to connect for management. Service processor connectivity.  
When controller power is down used to connect alternate controller path

5. Power Supply

To connect power supply

6. Serial connectivity

When you want to connect to the controller terminal connection.

SAS Cable Connectivity

In above single node SAS connectivity diagram, We are connecting the SAS cabling with two stacks.

For stack one we have to connect SAS port A to first shelf IO module A. You can close the SAS stack1 by attaching the 5d SAS controller port to IO module of disk shelve last port.

In the same way as like stack1 we have to connect stack2 as shown in diagram. Each stack disk shelve number will be unique.

ACP Connectivity
Now connecting the ACP path using CAT6 Ethernet cables, as shown in above picture

Management Port connectivity
In a initialization faze we have to connect serial and management cable to configure the storage system, later you can disconnect serial console cable.
Single Node Cabling connectivity
It's looks like a messy when you look at the picture but in real single node connectivity we follow the same.

In above picture we are connecting Management port to Management network using Ethernet switch. We connected only single port to the managment network because if management port is not accessible still no matter storage system will service the data to the clients.

Data network we have connected 4 10G ports using two modules because this ports serves the data to the clients its may be CIFS, NFS and iSCSI traffic, if any port is down you should have a alternate path to the serve the continuous data to the clients.

i hope you understand the cabling for single node Netapp controller.

Coming up article is HA Pair connectivity and Cluster interconnect

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