Thursday, September 3, 2015

Switchover Snapmirror - Change Source as Destination and Destination as Source - Netapp Notes NCDA

Switch-over your snapmirror procedure, changing your snapmirror source as destination and destination as source, without re-initializing the snapmirror.


Before switching over the snapmirror you have ensure that both filers are doing good.

>sysstat -x 1    
Monitor filer CPU utilization for ten minutes no more processes are hiking the CPU

>snapmirror status
 snapmirror status to check all the snapmirror relationships are in idle state

Take all the required information before switching over the snapmirror
>lun show
>lun show -m
>vol status
>vol status -s
>vol status -f
>igroup show
>sysconfig -a
>fcadmin config

by capturing all the above information, later an if anything goes wrong you can verify the before and after configuration status.


Take the confirmation from all the application and database teams to be stop, all the database activities and applications.

After stopping all the traffic to the Netapp Filer in source. Replicate the last update using below command. Run the below command in destination.

>snapmirror update -S Source:SrcVolume1 DstVolume1

After completion of last update then break the snapmirror

>snapmirror quiesce Volume1

snapmirror will be quiesced ...

>snapmirror break Volume1

This above command will break the snapmirror relationship between source and destination. After completion of break destination volumes will come to write mode.

Repeat above steps for all the Volumes....

completion of snapmirror break, collect all the snapshot list from source and destination.

>snap list

Verify the Zoning in Destination location, because we have to map all the LUN's to bring back the Databases and application in Destination.

now map all the LUN's to servers in Destination using below commands.

>lun map <LUN PATH> <iGroup Name>

map all the LUN's to appropriate igroups

Then comment all the snapmirror schedules in source using # mark in front of the line.

>wrfile /etc/snapmirror.conf
#filer:volume filer1:volume - 40 * * * *


 Now write the snapmirror schedule in Destination filer.

>wrfile /etc/snapmirror.conf
filer:volume filer1:volume 40 * * * *


resync from the source to change source and destination

>snapmirror resync -S Destination:DstVolume1 Source:SrcVolume1

after completion of resync update the snapmirror relationship again and again few times, then clean up the old snapshots from source.

Note: Do not delete the snapshots which are in existing relationship

>snap delete -V SrcVolume1 snapshotname

then release the snapmirror from previous destination filer
>snapmirror release DstVolume Source:SrcVolume

now verify the snapmirror status

>snapmirror status

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  1. Can you explain about high availabilty in netapp .And it works if one filer goes down.

  2. Awesome procedure...